Southern Style Pit BBQ

That aint burnt, that's flavor!

Catering Menu - continually under construction

Now accepting

We can accomodate full catering buffet, food truck window service, or have you pick up meats if we are booked. 

Nesco's usually available to keep food warm for pick-up's, for free. We simply ask that you return them clean and still usable! 

 Items Cooked On Sites To Date :


Whole Hogs                                       Pulled Pork

Pork Tenderloin                                Pork Loin

Ham                                                 Sausages of all kinds

Steaks                                              Ribs



Brisket, sliced or pulled                     Tenderloin

Pulled Beef                                         Beef Ribs

Steaks of all kinds                             Large Roasts

Beef Sausages                                   Tri - Tip

Burgers                                              Stuffed Meat Loaf

Chili                                                   Prime Rib Roast

Philly Cheese Steaks                          Moink [ meatball wrapped in bacon,  smoked]                                              



Whole Smoked Chickens                   BBQ Chicken pieces

Wings                                               Whole Smoked Turkey

Smoked Turkey Breast                      Deep Fried Turkey

Pulled Chicken 

Side Dishes:

Smoked Shells-n-Cheese                 Cowboy Beans with Meat

Baked Beans                                    Green Beans Almondine

Sesame Green Beans                       Green Bean Casserole          

Mashed Potatoes                             Asiago Scalloped Potatoes

Mixed Beans                                     Grits

Garlic Mashed Red potatoes             Smoke Roasted Baked Potatoes

Hot or Cold Pasta Salads                   Potato salads

Cole Slaw                                          Speared fruits

Fruit and Fruit Salads                        Fresh Vegetables [ based on availability]

Cold Broccoli salad                           Sweet Corn Niblets

Corn on The Cob [ in season ]          Fajita Vegetables                               

BBQ Sauces                                        

Cheesy taters                                    

Deep fryers on rig for fries, poutine, tot's and all kinds of deep fried items when 'on site' catering! 


 Jalapeños or sweet peppers stuffed with cream cheese and bacon, then smoked

Moinks - meatball wrapped n bacon

Cilantro / lime / jalapeno Tiger Prawns

 Deep fried snacks  when 'on site' catering!

Vegitarian options available upon request - spicy black bean burgers, vegetables, salads and seafood.

We can arrange a gluten free area, but cannot guarantee 100% gluten free as many gluten items are in our kitchen.


                                                           Now accepting






  • "Your seasoning's are a big hit in Thunder Bay, ONT. (Canada). I'll be picking up more this week, to deliver/export to your needy fan's across the border. Ehh!"
  • "Good morning just wanted to say MR. TONYS has never left me hungry in 5 years after walking away from it's location he's at as this body depends on the most amazing pulled pork ..."
    Mike D.

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