Southern Style Pit BBQ

That aint burnt, that's flavor!


Quotes Mr Tony's BBQ.COM, I would like to publicly thank you on the tremendous job you did on my pork belly and hams. Tonight I cut some thick slices from the pork belly and fried them. I then took a nice slice of the (still warm) smoked ham and had the most marvelous BLT and ham sandwich ever. Your talents are many but your mastery of "smokin" is awesome! Thank you again! Quotes
John Donald
Christmas Hams and Bacon

Quotes I'm a recent adition to the 'friends of Tony'..what can I say,you absolutely will not find better BBQ,and he's always cookin up somethin new...knows his stuff,a real person,with personality..and no..this is not a paid endorsement...shhh,Tony,..I'm trying to type,HA,HA...Anywhoo,if you miss this BBQ...that just means more for me and the line of people that usually follow me in to the gas station...Ask Tony,Dan has a magnet that draws em in.....miraculees man. I love ya man.Your da bomb.Can you say that on national whatever??? I say God blessed this man with a skill....its called......BBQ. you snooze go hungry.... Quotes
Dan Wessel
Don't miss this BBQ !

Quotes Picked up some beef brisket from Tony tonight and it was great. Awesome BBQ sauce and Special thanks for the chicken legs. Everyone loved it and we will be back to get more yum,yum. Thanks Tony Quotes
Steve S.

Quotes I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE with Mr. Tony's BBQ!!! I haven't had BBQ like this since Backwoods Barbecue in South Florida. Had shredded pork with Tony's traditional hot homemade bbq sauce, St. Louis ribs, and a grilled jalepeno popper charred just right on the outside and stuffed with cheese! A big thumbs up! Quotes
Jeff M

Quotes Tony Thanks for making our 4th party a real success. Everybody raved about the food. People who I didn't think were big eaters were coming back for 2nds and even 3rds. Quotes
Bob J.
4th of July Party

Quotes Thank you Tony for an awesome meal!!! Bret and I loved the pork, beef brisket, cowboy beans, potato salad, and the poppers!!! What a feast!! We will definitely be back!!!! Our bellies are very very happy!!! Quotes
Connie S.
Happy bellies!

Quotes Hi Tony, Randy, Sam and I wanted to tell you how great dinner was last night!! The smoke flavor in the meat was amazing...i am not a barbecue sauce kinda girl, so it was nice to have a REAL barbecue!! I am looking forward to not cooking on Wednesday nights!! :) Thanks again, the Whites Quotes

Quotes Tony did a full on 3 briskets, 10 ribs, burgers, dogs, macaroni salad, beans, sauce and it all starts first thing in the morning. We ended up with an unbelievable response from all our friends and...WE GOT TO ENJOY THE PARTY TOO because all the hard, time consuming work was handled by a pro. I think we are going to make it an annual event and everyone wanted his card before he left so they could him to do their next gig. Three weeks later and people are still telling about how great the food was and what a charming, friendly, accommodating guy Tony is. Thanks for everything! Quotes
Tony did it all for 70 people

Quotes Thanks Tony for making our annual 4th of July picnic the best ever! All the food was SUPER!!! Everything on the extensive menu was cooked perfectly, and enjoyed by all. I particularly enjoyed spending a lot more quality time with my guests. Looking forward to next year already, or any opportunity to enjoy your cooking! Quotes
Dawn Netz

Quotes Tony you are the best ! Thank you so much for your outstanding service ! The food was off the charts. Hope to see you again in fall for another party and every year thereafter. It was a very special day ! Most sincerely Quotes
Dan McCoy
McCoy Contractors


  • "Your seasoning's are a big hit in Thunder Bay, ONT. (Canada). I'll be picking up more this week, to deliver/export to your needy fan's across the border. Ehh!"
  • "Good morning just wanted to say MR. TONYS has never left me hungry in 5 years after walking away from it's location he's at as this body depends on the most amazing pulled pork ..."
    Mike D.

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