Southern Style Pit BBQ

That aint burnt, that's flavor!


Sat. 5/20 8:00 AM Dave Schmidt




Shells n cheese



1250 ROA

Sat. 8/26 10:00 PM Custom Wire
Sat. 9/23 10:00 PM Didier **4 pm serving time** Approximately 180 pounds [ pre-cooked weight ] pork shoulder meat. Approximately 100 pounds chicken pieces, smoke roasted and BBQ sauce applied 5 large disposable pans Cowboy Beans 5 large disposable pans mayo based colesl... more
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  • "Your seasoning's are a big hit in Thunder Bay, ONT. (Canada). I'll be picking up more this week, to deliver/export to your needy fan's across the border. Ehh!"
  • "Good morning just wanted to say MR. TONYS has never left me hungry in 5 years after walking away from it's location he's at as this body depends on the most amazing pulled pork ..."
    Mike D.

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