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I am not culinary trained, I simply have always loved to cook - and in quantity! This has lead to me either volunteering or being volunteered to operate the grill at outdoor gatherings - coming from a family of 8 children, I have flipped many a burger and brat!

My love of food and cooking it finds me spending most of my free time in front of the television watching food network, the travel channel and PBS cooking shows  - old and new - learning to love to prepare [ and eat ] food from all cultures all the more! From basic grilling techniques to down right fancy schmancy chef stuff, as many of you may know -much can be learned from the experts they employ!

Being a remodeling contractor for the first 20+ years in business has made a few raise an eyebrow about me catering - yet this is exactly what has lead me into to this venture! Talking food, recipes and techniques with my customers, both husbands and wives, has lead to me cooking for their parties and luncheons!

This is not about me gathering a bunch of good off the shelf bottled, frozen and canned foods and setting them in front of you just to make a buck! I truly enjoy cooking for large crowds and giving each one of them something special - I love to see the expressions and gestures when they bite into what is possibly the best pulled pork sandwich they have ever had, or at least in years...  having people tell me they hate baked beans, but they love mine! Or having several people say "those are the best wings I have ever tasted" .... and not just simple comfort food done right, how about mustard crusted beef tenderloin appetizer size sandwiches ....they left an impression on all, myself included!

I am a people person who loves to please the pallet! I have been told time and time again how pleased people are with my cooking, and would love the chance to fill your belly while you enjoy your party - not worrying about the food!

We also compete in Professional KCBS events, and have done quite well - "walking" [ getting a trophy, ribbon $and check$ ]  at a few events! Placing in the middle of the pack against these guys is a feat all its own, beating some BIG names [ on occasion ] may be rare, but we've been there too ;-)  

We dont have that thick, heavy smoke flavor profile some commercial BBQ joints have...We burn Hickory and Cherry for heat and flavor - no gas assist here! Long hours in front of our Pit, keeping a clean burning fire, leads to a flavorful but lighter smoke flavor than some. People can sometimes smell us for miles down wind, in a good way! 









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  • "Your seasoning's are a big hit in Thunder Bay, ONT. (Canada). I'll be picking up more this week, to deliver/export to your needy fan's across the border. Ehh!"
  • "Good morning just wanted to say MR. TONYS has never left me hungry in 5 years after walking away from it's location he's at as this body depends on the most amazing pulled pork ..."
    Mike D.

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Saturday, May 20 at 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday, Aug 26 at 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Saturday, Sep 23 at 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM